We do our best to bring, El Salvador Food To your door.


Yes, if you are locally located in Los Angeles we can offer Delivery no problem... ORDER NOW

If we agree to deliver face to face, because you are within 5 miles radius, then yes, we can charge when a delivery guy arrives. However for this type of orders, you will have to call in at 1-800localorders

Yes, without a problem, we can ship to your state and city, all you do is, place your order and make your payment, we will provide a tracking # to know when your order arrives.

At El Salvadoreño Market Online, we make sure we pick the best quality production stock, for you just to make your order.

There are many Salvadorans online stores, but not one like our store.

The difference between our Central American Food store and the rest, is that as a company, we understand how important is, for customers to receive their order on time and complete, we offer a one hundred percent money back guaranteed in case it gets lost in the post service.

As a 24/7 online store, we have dedicated online support through our Facebook business account, you can always give us a call or chat with a representative.

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